Like most good things, it was unexpected.

We were working hard to transform a top-100 health system’s patient engagement strategy. Their digital patient experience needed an overhaul, especially when it came to patients simply finding what they were looking for on the website. Intending to vet an outsourced product, we searched far and wide for a search solution that could provide patients a smooth digital experience while serving up accurate and relevant results, increase website traffic, and ultimately, lead to more patient conversions. We came back empty-handed.

So we created it: ImConnect.

Since implementing ImConnect for our client, their website search traffic has doubled, and we have opened up our solution to help more health systems like you.

ImConnect is a “find a doctor” search and open access scheduling that brings the smarts of search engines like Amazon and Google to health systems’ websites.

Since ImConnect is a hosted solution, it can be implemented quickly without lengthy IT involvement. As opposed to other high-dollar alternatives, ImConnect employs a pay-for-performance model, so health systems only pay when it brings them patients.

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About our parent company, Impact Makers:

We are no strangers to industry disruption and leading innovation. Impact Makers is the “Newman’s Own of Consulting,” built on a revolutionary business model so that it can give 100% of its net profits to charity over the life of the company. People told Michael Pirron that the model wouldn’t work when he founded it in 2006, but Impact Makers has been growing at lightning speed ever since, making the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for the last five years in a row. This entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well at ImConnect.

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