How can I become the Amazon of healthcare?

Being the “Amazon of Healthcare” is all about your customers.

Your customers are used to online shopping being easy, smooth, and reliable. Why should booking healthcare be any different? See how ImConnect provides your patients the ease of a quick trip to

ImConnect + Amazon Side-by-Side Demo:

How does it all work?

Sure, the Amazon shopping experience is easy, but that’s because Amazon goes out of its way to employ cutting-edge functionality. Our Product Lead breaks down how ImConnect works and how implementation with your website is a cinch.

ImConnect Functionality + Implementation Breakdown:

ImConnect Key Functionality:
* Type Ahead Search
* Customizable Search Results Page
* Search Features: Tabs, Featuring, Filters, Sorting, Proximity
* Easy Open Access Scheduling
* Responsive Design
* Physician Profile Marketing Content
* Tailored Look & Feel for Your Brand
* Robust Admin User Interface